Our Insititute

We assist in job development for graduates. We receive numerous requests for our students from many esteemed firms. Our graduates are highly sought after in a very competitive jewellery market and their employers report that they possess strong, basic skills, great attitudes and they are eager to learn more.

Continuing education is available for you to enhance your current jewelry knowledge and give you greater opportunities with your career.


The most important part of any teaching institution and the actual assets are their teachers!!! Especially in such highly practical oriented field. Most of the Jewellery institutes have almost all kinds of facilities but their teachers are not having actual market experience of current market trend.

Professional Jewelers do not carelessly put things together for a finished product, do not skimp on materials or quality, consider them accountable and sincere, are honorable and respect their profession, have opportunities to move forward in the industry because their carefully earned reputation follows them where ever they go. Integrity is lasting.

The Managing Director Mr. Nishant Mahdevwala, personally take care of all the subjects and lectures of jewellery designs and valuations. He is one of the most experienced faculties of Gems & Jewellery in Surat. The other instructors are also having the real world experience of current diamond and jewellery market knowledge and the current trends.